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Bendemeer Management

How Bendemeer Operates

There are two primary governance structures associated with Bendemeer – the Board of Bendemeer Management Limited (BML) and the Design Committee.

Bendemeer Management Limited

BML is the entity charged with overseeing Bendemeer's common land and amenities, ensuring maintenance is attended to and that the property is well looked after. Levies are payable by each lot holder for the Bendemeer's upkeep and each lot holder has one share in BML, so they can be involved in any decisions regarding the Bendemeer site.

Bendemeer is also expected to host a small amount of ‘spec-build’ development, with quality builders designing and executing their own projects for sale as complete homes. As with all building, plans will be reviewed by the Design Committee to ensure that the plans and construction style are in keeping with the broader development plan, and that the plan is well funded.


Design Review Board


The Design Review Board is charged with ensuring that any building plans for Bendemeer are in keeping with the spirit of the development. Property owners at Bendemeer are expected to have unique and innovative ideas for their lot and the Design Committee exists to make sure the quality of its environment is maintained.